What is a Cancer Teleconsultation?

A cancer consultation is currently available for breastlung, liver, and pancreatic cancer. Regardless of your geographic location, cancer teleconsulting gives you the ability to collaborate remotely over a secure video with a top specialist to gain a second opinion on a diagnosis or prior to arrival at the destination.

How does our cancer teleconsultation service work?

  • It’s simple, all you need is a computer, a smartphone, or an electronic tablet.
  • You simply complete an online and secure teleconsultation request and specify your preferred day, time, hospital/clinic, and or surgeon (if known), otherwise, we will assign a top specialist based on your specific request.
  • A patient navigator will confirm availability with the surgeon and/or propose an alternate time.  Your surgeon will review your medical file in advance of your discussion.
  • You receive a link to access to connect via mobile, tablet, or desktop to your surgeon and have a 1:1 discussion.  This is your opportunity to ask your surgeon anything you want.
  • On completion, you will then receive the surgeon’s recommendations, confirmed pricing, and a copy of your video transcript.

What are the advantages of cancer teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation services offer you many advantages:

  • Remove the barrier and concern of traveling overseas for surgery by discussing your treatment plan in advance of any planned treatments
  • Speak directly and confidentially 1:1 with your surgeon or specialist and get personal feedback, confirmed treatment pricing, and a personalized care plan (treatment plan) for your specific disease.
  • Health Teleconsultations can be tax refundable if you have a health or flexible spending account or as long as the physician or specialist consulted is licensed in their jurisdiction.

How is it being used for cancer patients?

A teleconsultation is a way to a video-conferencing and/or phone conferencing between one of our healthcare providers and a patient.

Who is eligible for a telemedicine visit?

There is no referral required for a teleconsultation.  A request can be submitted here.

Do I need special equipment to have a telemedicine visit?

No special equipment is necessary to participate in a telemedicine visit. It can be done using a computer and/or smartphone via an appropriate platform.  We will provide you with all the details and the process when the appointment is scheduled.

What happens in a telemedicine visit?

The healthcare provider will connect with you at the scheduled time via the pre-determined method and will begin the telemedicine appointment.  The telemedicine appointment is similar to an in-person visit in that the provider will review your medical record and status and will take notes just like they would during an in-person visit. The provider will address any concerns and reassure you about your condition, treatment plan, or any conditions you may have.

Will I be charged for a telemedicine visit?

This varies by provider and their process. We are working closely with all on billing and reimbursement for services when and where possible.

Is a teleconsultation for Cancer only being used during the COVID-19 pandemic?

No, we have been offering teleconsultations as a standard service for many years.

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