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Breast cancer comes in many forms, the most serious being breast cancer that develops after the cancer has spread to other areas of the body. The different types of treatment options available for locally and aggressively advanced breast cancer are: radiation therapy, surgical treatments and hormonal therapy. Most doctors will recommend this treatment all women who meet certain criteria. Surgery, however, is sometimes recommended for women whose cancer has spread.

The treatment plan for local advanced breast cancer usually involves surgery, radiation therapy or a combination of both. Some women with this type of cancer have been treated using a combination of three different types of treatment. If surgery is decided upon after the first round of chemotherapy, it will generally be scheduled for the second round after the initial surgery. Medications can be prescribed at the same time or later in the treatment plan as well.


Chemotherapy is used to attack cancer cells as they are growing and trying to break free from the disease. It is usually given as a pill. Patients can choose chemotherapy as an option. It can take several weeks before the medication’s effects become apparent. In the interim, some patients may want to use mastectomies or lumpectomies, which are also called lumpectomy surgeries.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high energy rays (like x-rays) to damage cancerous cells so that they cannot grow. This can be done either inside the body through surgery, or by placing radioactive material directly under the skin. Doctors are not sure how the radiation works inside the human body, but studies have shown that it appears to work by striking specific cells, stopping their growth. There are many options for this treatment, depending on the type and extent of the tumor. It is often used together with chemotherapy.

Herbal Remedies

A handful of clinics and health care providers offer alternative treatment options for breast cancer patients. One of those options includes using herbal remedies. Hundreds of herbs are used to help treat various types of ailments and diseases, and some scientists believe that they might have some effect on cancer, too. Herbal remedies are generally safe, although their effect might not be immediate or predictable. Some herbs can make your tumor smaller, while others can increase its size.

Breast Implants

Another alternative treatment involves breast implants. This surgery is considered elective because it is not part of standard treatment. Women who have had cancer in their breasts before can use them now, as long as the procedure is performed before the tumor is removed. The implants themselves do not cause any damage to the cancer, but they do sit underneath the breast tissue, which is acting as a scaffold for the implant. Implanting the breast implants can increase the chances of successful treatment, though it is an option for women whose breast cancer has spread to other parts of their bodies.

Of course, there are no guarantees when you are dealing with something as serious as cancer. Every treatment option works differently for different people. The best thing you can do is to take control of your life and do everything you can to get treatment choices you can live with. If you have cancer, talk to your doctor about the different options available to you. You have to make the choice whether you want to keep living your life normally or take a more drastic approach. You can defeat cancer, but only if you are willing to fight.

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